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How do I find an attorney?

Hiring an attorney is always difficult as it means that there is something contentious happening in your life.  Finding a qualified attorney who is ready and able to advocate for your legal needs is imperative and often difficult.

First, seek out attorneys who specialize in the area of law that will benefit you and your case. There are few "one-size-fits-all" attorneys, and those who claim to be probably are not. Focus on lawyers who have spent time litigating cases like yours.  Additionally, seek out attorneys who make you feel comfortable and well-heard. You will tell this person personal and private information, so you need to feel that they listen and truly want what's best for you.

Next, ask for referrals.  Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, clergy, neighbors and other professionals who would come into contact with lawyers. Most Bar Associations provide lawyer referrals, and may help you narrow down the type of lawyer you are looking for.  

Finally, investigate an attorney before you sign paperwork or pay retainers.  The American Bar Association offers a free service to help you conduct attorney research. This resource will help you determine which lawyer is qualified to take your case.

At the Law Office of Robert L Ward, we are eager and ready to help you with your family, criminal defense, and personal injury law issues. 

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

You do not need to decide whether you have a personal injury case alone. We are here to help you make this determination.

Often, people who are injured decide not to talk to a lawyer because they believe their injury was not serious enough to warrant a case or that it was "simply an accident." There are many factors that contribute to determining whether a personal injury warrants legal intervention and it is our job at The Law Office of Robert L. Ward to help you make this determination.

Waiting to talk to an attorney may mean the loss the potential financial benefits that could help with long-term medical issues. Future health problems from an injury may become chronic and expensive, even if the injury did not appear to be serious at the time it occurred. Additionally, there is a two year statute of limitations in Texas to file a personal injury suit, so waiting is never in your best interest.

If you have been injured, contact us for a free consultation. We would be happy to review your case to determine how to proceed. We are here to help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

What are the expectations for a client?

The relationship between an attorney and a client is the foundation of a positive legal outcome.  It is important for an attorney to be knowledgable, experienced, and communicative.  It is equally important for a client to be forthcoming, honest, and patient. When both parties understand their responsibilities, the legal process can proceed.

Clients should expect to be completely honest regarding all facts concerning their case, whether or not these facts are complimentary.  An attorney who does not have all the facts cannot defend a client adequately or effectively.

A successful attorney will be willing to commit the time it takes to advocating for a client.  However, attorneys are often pressed, so it is imperative that clients understand that time matters.  Clients should be prompt for appointments and avoid taking up an attorney's time with petty questions and details. A legal partnership depends on each party respecting the time required for a successful outcome.

Finally, a client should respect the professional advice offered by the attorney. Nothing is simple when it comes to the law and there are no "open and shut" cases.  Proper legal defense requires research, contemplation, experience, and a thorough knowledge of the law.  Clients should understand that they have entered into a partnership with an attorney and the attorney is the party educated in the law.  

Robert L. Ward brings wisdom, experience, and education into every legal partnership. His education at the University of Tulsa College of Law, his 1998 acceptance into the Texas Bar Association, and his experience in both prosecution and defense, makes him a qualified, experienced attorney ready to defend his clients.

How much does it cost to get a personal injury attorney in Johnson County?

Most cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. This means the injured victim or the victim’s family members are not responsible for any attorney’s fees or court costs until after a settlement is reached. This also means that the attorney does not get paid unless a recovery is made.

A personal injury lawyer fronts the litigation expenses, court costs and filing fees, and gets repaid out of the recovery amount.

By working on a contingency fee basis, Cleburne Attorney Robert Ward has an incentive to work the case as efficiently and effectively as possible since he does not get paid unless the case is won.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a personal injury claim?

In Texas, you have two years to file a personal injury claim.

A statute of limitations is an amount of time you have to file a claim from the date of your accident. After the amount of time allowed by the statute has passed, you are not allowed to file a claim for that accident except in certain circumstances. The statute of limitation begins to “run” from the date your accident occurred. That means the two year time period is calculated beginning with the day the accident happened. In some cases, when you can’t notice your injury right away, the time to file a claim is calculated from the time begins when you could have or should have known about your injury.

If you are injured, don’t wait two years to contact our experienced attorney at The Law Office of Robert L. Ward.

Do I need a lawyer if I've been arrested?

It is imperative that you contact a lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense as soon as you or someone you know has been arrested.  Often, having a lawyer present in those early moments can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Even after you have been arrested, you have rights that should not be violated. It is so important that you have an attorney advocating for you to protect these rights.

A criminal defense attorney will help you navigate the complicated, disorienting process of criminal charges, arrest, jail, and defense.  There are many mistakes you could make in this process that could be legally and financially disastrous. Additionally, a defense attorney will help manage the inflamed emotions that coincide with legal altercations.  Attorneys can act as a buffer with law enforcement. There is no more crucial time to have a true advocate by your side than when you have crossed path with the law.

Navigating the law is never something you should do by yourself. Call on the professionals at The Law Office of Robert L. Ward to be by your side throughout the legal defense process.

Do I need to hire a lawyer to get a divorce?

There is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer to get a divorce in Texas.  However, pursuing a divorce without a lawyer is never a good idea.

An attorney represents your interests and remains your committed advocate throughout the divorce process.  Most divorces involve property, distribution of debt, child custody, and the paperwork that accompanies a marital status change. A quality attorney will assure these issues are handled in a fair and professional manner. Having a lawyer will reduce the stress of a very stressful situation and will help in managing the inflamed emotions that usually accompany a divorce. Hiring a lawyer does not mean that you expect conflict in your divorce proceedings. It does mean that you take the dissolution of a marriage seriously and intend to make the process fair and equitable.

Is Texas a "No Fault" divorce state?

Currently, there are 17 states that allow for true "no fault" divorces.  Texas is not one of them.

For a divorce in Texas, parties have to show grounds for the dissolution of a marriage. 

These grounds are:

  1. Insupportability.  Both parties agree that there is no expectation of reconciliation.
  2. Living Apart.  Both parties have lived without cohabitation for at least three years.
  3. Confinement in a mental hospital.  One spouse has been confined to a state or private mental hospital for three years.  Additionally, “the mental disorder is of such a degree and nature that adjustment is unlikely or that, if adjustment occurs, relapse is probable.”
  4. Cruelty.  One spouse has treated the other with cruelty; therefore, living together is no longer possible.
  5. Abandonment.  One spouse has left the relationship and intends to stay away for at one year.
  6. Conviction of a felony. One spouse has been convicted of a felony.
  7. Adultery. One spouse has committed adultery. (It is important to note that the accusing spouse must be able to prove adultery. Accusation or suspicion is not enough for grounds.)

Divorce is a complicated, personal, and often painful matter. No one should endure divorce alone. Let The Law Office of Robert L. Ward advocate for you to assure that your divorce is fair, equitable, and as painless as possible.

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