Do I need a lawyer if I've been arrested?

It is imperative that you contact a lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense as soon as you or someone you know has been arrested.  Often, having a lawyer present in those early moments can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Even after you have been arrested, you have rights that should not be violated. It is so important that you have an attorney advocating for you to protect these rights.

A criminal defense attorney will help you navigate the complicated, disorienting process of criminal charges, arrest, jail, and defense.  There are many mistakes you could make in this process that could be legally and financially disastrous. Additionally, a defense attorney will help manage the inflamed emotions that coincide with legal altercations.  Attorneys can act as a buffer with law enforcement. There is no more crucial time to have a true advocate by your side than when you have crossed path with the law.

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