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Personal Injury

Sustaining a serious injury can be a stressful and traumatizing experience. When the source of your injury was someone else's negligence, the situation can become even more overwhelming. At the Law Office of Robert L. Ward, we are committed to pursuing justice on behalf of individuals who have had to endure injuries and damages at the hands of another party. With more than 15 years of trial experience under his belt, our Texas personal injury lawyer knows what it takes to help a client obtain the amount of compensation they deserve. Reasons to Choose our Personal Injury Firm You don't... Read The Rest

Cleburne Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested in the state of Texas? Contact  Attorney Robert L. Ward immediately and schedule your free case evaluation today.  Let us help you get back to living free from worry! After an arrest, having quality legal representation can mean the difference between jail and your freedom. The Law Office of Robert L. Ward understands the importance of immediate representation and works tirelessly to represents individuals who require defense in criminal legal matters. If you are facing charges, it is imperative that you talk with a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Robert L. Ward is... Read The Rest

Cleburne Family Law Attorney

Family Law

Family legal matters can quickly become contentious and complicated. Stress and anxiety accompany decision-making and relationships become strained. Legal issues that involve family are always emotionally charged and therefore require a dedicated attorney who is ready to advocate for your favorable and fair outcome. An attorney with comprehensive family law experience can work toward a solution that prevents emotions from superseding justice. Attorney Robert L. Ward Is Experienced In Family Law Facing difficult family legal matters is not something you should ever do alone. Oftentimes, the intense emotions that accompany family disputes interfere with your abilities to understand the outcomes... Read The Rest

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