Do You Have A Case?

2024-02-10 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Life's unforeseen events can sometimes lead us down a challenging path, especially when accidents occur due to someone else's negligence. If you find yourself in such a predicament, know that the right to seek justice and compensation is yours. At the Law Office of Robert L. Ward, we specialize in transforming the complexities of personal injury claims into clear, actionable paths toward resolution and restitution. Accidents can leave you with long-lasting injuries, emotional trauma, and ongoing medical expenses. The Law Office of Robert L. Ward has decades of experience with personal injury lawsuits. Robert L. Ward is the attorney you need... Read The Rest
The Personal Injury Settlement Success of Robert L. Ward

2023-04-28 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

As a personal injury attorney, Robert L. Ward has helped numerous clients recover compensation for their injuries. From slip and fall accidents to catastrophic injuries caused by 18-wheeler wrecks, Mr. Ward has a proven track record of success. One of Mr. Ward's notable cases involved a motorcycle wreck in which his client lost his leg and two fingers. The client was awarded a total settlement of $2.5 million, with $1,043,834.70 recovered after legal fees and expenses, and a medical lien with Aetna Insurance for $444,680. Another case involved a collision with a cow in the roadway, in which the client injured... Read The Rest
Texas Tractor Trailer Accidents

2022-07-28 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

There are more fatal trucking accidents in Texas than anywhere else in the nation. Wrecks in North Texas counties like Johnson County and Hood County that involve big rigs are more common than we'd like and can result in devastating, debilitating and disabling injuries as well as wrongful death. Because they are large, heavy and cumbersome, big trucks can be difficult to manage, even for seasoned truckers. The top three types of heavy truck accidents are side-impact crashes, rear-end collisions and head-on wrecks. If a driver loses control of a tractor-trailer, that vehicle can take down everything in its path. Here are... Read The Rest
Why Having A Lawyer On Your Side Matters

2022-01-20Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

If you or a loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps. You might wonder if the charge is serious enough to hire a criminal defense attorney. While a misdemeanor charge is certainly less complex than a felony, there are still a lot of aspects to take into consideration. A criminal defense attorney can help you with everything from court proceedings to trials, making him or her a valuable asset. The Law Office of Robert L. Ward is experienced and can represent you for any misdemeanor charge.  What is a misdemeanor? A misdemeanor... Read The Rest
How It Can Make Or Break Your Case

2021-12-27Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

It's the most important decision you'll ever make when it comes to litigation. You want your case in the hands of an experienced attorney who is committed to giving you the best defense possible. When your life and livelihood depend on it, you need an attorney who knows what to do. You need an attorney who not only has a winning record, but a long list of high-profile cases and vast experience in criminal defense law. Rob Ward is the experienced criminal defense attorney you want on your side. But why is it so important to hire an experienced criminal defense... Read The Rest
Dog Bite Injury Claims

2021-07-09Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Dogs can be man's best friend, but they can also be ferocious attackers. If you are the victim of a dog bite, chances are your opinion of canines has been tainted. Dog bites can be excruciating and often require stitches and careful wound cleaning. In some cases, dog bites can become infected, leading to additional procedures or surgeries. Dog bites can also cause obvious scarring, leading to disfigurement. If you have been attacked by a dog, consider suing the liable party. Owners Are Liable in Dog Attacks If you are attacked by a dog and you can locate the owner, the individual is... Read The Rest
Texas Auto Accident Laws

2021-06-10Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

If you were recently injured in a car accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries with the help of Attorney Robert L. Ward. Filing an injury claim against the at-fault driver could help you secure damages that will cover medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and any other accident-related expenses. No matter how cautious we are while driving, the truth is that we are all at risk of being in a car accident because we share the road with so many reckless and negligent drivers. Due to vehicle defects and road hazards, car accidents can also be... Read The Rest
Texas Motorcycle Accident Claims

2021-05-12Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic, debilitating, too often fatal – and most always, preventable. Texas Department of Transportation and other states' Departments of Transportation across the U.S. report more than half of all motorcycle-vs.-car accidents are caused by drivers entering a rider’s right-of-way. Texas motorcycle accident Attorney Rob Ward knows motorcycle crashes can be life-altering, leaving victims severely injured, disabled or dead. Crashes involving motorcycles often cause severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, neurological injuries,  neck injuries, and spinal injuries that have lasting effects. In many cases, there is legal recourse for compensation, but you will need to address these issues early on with an experienced... Read The Rest
Learn About Abuse in Nursing Homes

2021-04-07Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Nursing homes are supposed to be places where the elderly are cared for and can live in comfort and peace. Yet many nursing homes hire negligent staff members who don't care about helping their patients. Instead, they may neglect the elderly, leaving them to suffer terrible ailments or abuses. Elder abuse is extremely common, especially in nursing homes. As adults age, they become more likely to experience abuse. The rates of abuse are higher for older individuals living in nursing homes or other care facilities. Types of Nursing Home Abuse Nursing home abuse in Texas comes in many different forms. Sometimes, nursing home... Read The Rest
Texas' Wrongful Death Statute

2021-03-12Updated: 2022-03-09 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Losing a loved one suddenly in an accident is devastating. No amount of money can compensate for the depth of your loss but you still have the ability to hold the negligent party accountable. If you have lost a loved one because of another's negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, we can help you weather the storm by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Under Chapter 71 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, wrongful death claims can be filed by certain parties if the death is caused by the wrongful act, carelessness, unskillfulness, neglect, or default of another person or corporation. In... Read The Rest
Permanent Disability or Severe, Life-threatening Injury

2021-02-12Updated: 2022-03-10 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

Catastrophic injuries are those that affect the brain or spinal cord. These injuries normally result in permanent disability or severe, life-threatening injury and lengthy recovery times. If your life has been changed drastically as a result of a catastrophic injury, you need to contact an attorney at our firm to learn more. Specific Catastrophic Injuries Severing of the spinal cord Severe brain damage Bleeding on the brain Limb amputations Paralysis due to spinal cord damage Spinal cord fractures Skull fractures leading to brain damage Brain damage leading to coma Brain damage leading to vegetative state Results of Catastrophic Injuries Catastrophic injuries often change the victim's life forever. Oftentimes, the victim will require... Read The Rest
Holiday Season Enforcement Campaign

2020-11-09Updated: 2022-03-10 Law Office of Robert L. Ward

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is joining forces with law enforcement nationwide during the Holiday Season Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over high-visibility enforcement campaign, which runs in December of each year. With an increase in holiday parties and festivities, the month of December can be a dangerous time of year for drunk-driving fatalities. In fact, with marijuana use and drugged driving on the rise across the country, it is important to keep watch for all forms of impaired driving. With NHTSA’s support, State and local law enforcement agencies across the nation are stepping-up enforcement... Read The Rest