How do I find an attorney?

Hiring an attorney is always difficult as it means that there is something contentious happening in your life.  Finding a qualified attorney who is ready and able to advocate for your legal needs is imperative and often difficult.

First, seek out attorneys who specialize in the area of law that will benefit you and your case. There are few one-size-fits-all attorneys, and those who claim to be probably are not. Focus on lawyers who have spent time litigating cases like yours.  Additionally, seek out attorneys who make you feel comfortable and well-heard. You will tell this person personal and private information, so you need to feel that they listen and truly want what's best for you.

Next, ask for referrals.  Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, clergy, neighbors and other professionals who would come into contact with lawyers. Most Bar Associations provide lawyer referrals, and may help you narrow down the type of lawyer you are looking for.  

Finally, investigate an attorney before you sign paperwork or pay retainers.  The American Bar Association offers a free service to help you conduct attorney research. This resource will help you determine which lawyer is qualified to take your case.

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