What do I do if I feel my loved one has been abused while in a nursing home?

As difficult as it may be to come to terms with, at times, our elderly loved ones can become injured or abused while in the care of a Texas nursing home. There are multiple ways that these injuries can occur. Whether at the hands of a nursing home employee, because of faulty equipment, or due to neglected or unsafe conditions in the facility, someone should be held accountable for your loved one's injury or death. 

Nursing home abuse is an extremely serious issue. In order to get to the bottom of the situation, you need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get justice for your loved one. The Law Office of Robert L. Ward will handle your case with care and compassion. An experienced attorney will be responsible for gathering evidence and helping you gain closure in the case of elder abuse under nursing home care, while holding those responsible accountable.

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